Monday, May 15, 2017 1:45 pm CDT

62 pm CDT   Rain   Wind   3 mph NE

Sunrise  5:43 am CDT    Sunset  8:36 pm CDT


The rain has just started on the lake a little while ago.

And the loons have just made a perfect textbook nest exchange.

The male spent most of the today on the nest.  But as the heavy rain started, the female loon returned to the nest.  She got up on the nesting platform from the back and just sat and patiently waited until the male decided he was ready to leave.  

As he left , the female immediately got on the nest and rolled the eggs and covered them.  They were exposed to the rain for no more than a few seconds.

It could not have been a more perfect nest exchange.

This is just the start of what may be several days of rain.  And radar shows a very heavy thunderstorm cell headed this way.

Hopefully there is no hail or damaging winds with it.

But while we hunker down in our dry houses, the loons are exposed to all the elements of the weather.  Rain won't bother them.  But hail might.  Or extreme winds.

But for now, everything is safe and the plants on the nest are getting some much needed water.  It has been very dry for several days.

Early this morning the loons were concerned about an eagle in the area and both loons were off the nest calling and paying close attention to where the eagle was and what he was doing.

Then about 10 am this morning, there was another loon that circled over the lake doing his flying tremolos the whole time.

He landed further out in the lake and both of our loons went out and positioned themselves between the intruder loon and the nest.

All three loons were on high alert with heads held high.

Fortunately there was no battle between the loons.

It has been several hours since I have seen the intruder loon.  So I assume he has moved on - either to the other side of the lake or even to another lake.

So on a dark, moody, rainy afternoon we sit and watch our beloved loons.

It would be a good afternoon for a nap.  But I don't take naps.  So I will watch the loons while I work on other things.

Life is good.


Copyright  2017    Larry R Backlund