Thursday, May 18, 2017 1:10 pm CDT

49 degrees F   Clouds and Rain   Wind 10 mph NE

Sunrise   5:40 am CDT    Sunset   8:40 pm CDT


A cold north wind blows across the lake forming waves that buffet and bounce the loon's nesting platform.

But they have been faithfully trying to protect their precious eggs from the elements.

In many ways, those eggs are everything.  They are the reason for everything the loons do for an entire year.  They occupy the loons every effort and energy.

But they are worth it.

Because if they are successful in laying and protecting incubating those eggs, the species continues.

But that effort is not without its challenges.  Including challenges from storms.

Last night we 'lost the cam' due to lightning.  Many of you are aware of that.

I was actually online talking to some of the people in the chat room when it happened.

There was a bright flash and then almost immediately a clap of thunder.  I remember thinking to myself "That was close."  But I was not too concerned because it was not that loud a clap of thunder.  Not like some of them are when the lightning is very close.  You know the kind.  When it actually shakes the house and rattles everything in it.  When you feel it in the very core of your body.

This one was not anything like that.

It was just a 'run of the mill' lightning flash and clap of thunder.

But within a few seconds the sound started this very loud 'CLICKING' sound and the picture froze.

When I checked the signal coming from the camera and checked the server, the server was working but the picture from the cam was frozen.

My heart sank.

We lost a camera a couple years ago from a lightning strike.  I could not believe that it might have happened once again.

IF the lightning had taken out the camera, that would be it for the year because I would not be able to go out to the nest to work on replacing the camera as long as the loons were already on the nest.

The Broadband 'miracle workers' have been working this morning on trying to find out what happened and to resolve it.  And they have done it.

A few minutes ago we once again had A LIVE LOONCAM!

I have not heard yet what was needed or what had happened.  But as of now the camera seems to be working and we can once again see our beloved loons!

Enjoy the view.

We have once again been reminded of how fragile and special it is.


Copyright 2017   Larry R Backlund