BBQ Rabbit

Barbeque Rabbit Prep

  • 1each Rabbit, Cut per Instructions. Pit Rub, For Legs
  • Apple-Pecan Woods, To smokelegs
  • Apple juice, to bastelegs Hetb Oil, For Loins Northwoods Gt:illing spice
  • Front Quarter used for Rillettes
  1. Lay rabbit on its back, Cut downthe centerof the ribs to open up. Spread the ribs and remove Kidneys & Livers.  Set aside.
  2. Turnrabbit to one side, fold hind legs away from the body to reveal where it is connected.
  3. Use boning knife to removejust the leg (not whole hind quarter), cutting the muscle where it attachesto pelvic bone. Continueto fold leg back until you feel the ball joint pop. Finish cutting thru meat.
  4. Repeat with other side.
  5. Pull font leg forward until you feel it resist. Slider your knife undemeath the shoulder blade. Cut thru the connectivetissue to reveal the joint, cut thmjoint to remove.  Repeat with other side. Reserve for Rilletts.
  6. Openthe belly flaps and spread the rabbit. sing the tip of your boning knife to one side of d1e spine make a cut d1e length of the rabbit.  Use your finger tips to p1y back the loin meat to reveal vertebrae.  Make anothercut the length of the verterae, P1y meat away again.  With a series of cuts and tugs remove the loin from the carcass, peeling it away fromthe silverskin that cncasses it. Repeat with otherloin.  Rub with herb oil and reserve for grilling.
  7. Remove the belly flaps by cuttingjust at the edge of the rib bones. Reserve these for rabbit bacon.
  8. Brine the Rabbit legs for 2 hours.
  9. Pat dry and rub with firelake pit rub.
  10. Smoke with a blend of apple & pecan woods @ 200 degree to an internal temperatureof 165. Baste rabbit with apple juice every 20 minutes.
  11. Baste with barbeque sauce for service.

Barbeque Rabbit Plate

  • 1each SmokedRabbitLeg
  • 1each RabbitLoin, rub with herb oil north wood grilling spice
  • 7 pieces Rainbowcarrot halves, blanched
  • 1/2 cup Corona Beans withRabbit Bacon
  • 2 ounces Bourbon Glaze
  • 10 piecesbabykale, dressed withRedwine Vinaigrette
  • Puffed Wild rice, Garnish
  1. Place rabbit on charcole grill, 2 minutes a side. Brush with bourbon glaze and placeto side of grill.
  2. Season Rabbit loin with northwood grilling spice and grill until just cooked thru. Finish by brushing with bourbonglaze. Slice in 5 biase cuts.
  3. In vety hot skillet sear the carrots, then add the garlic butter and heat trhu, coat with bourbon glaze. Heat corona beans with a splash of chicken stock.
  4. Toss baby kale with vinaigrette.
  5. Garnishwith Puffed wild rice.