Time for your eagle story

I had mentioned in a previous post that we would talk about some of the threats that face eagles today.  But before I do that I am hoping that you who are reading this will share with all of us your first eagle sighting. Where were you? When was it? How did it make you feel? What made it memorable? 

These stories are often so vivid in our minds. I feel it is important for the younger generation to understand how close we came to losing the eagle, and these stories will help show that. In a couple of day's I will start my discussion talking about why we came so close to losing the eagle.

I will share first.  

My first experience was when in the 80's when I was in High School and our church youth group took a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a week.  This was a very different habitat than the area around Glenville Minnesota where I grew up, so lots of things were knew to me.  Moose and Common Loons were new and  fascinating to see. One day though while we were out paddling across a lake, I looked up into the picture perfect blue sky and there was an adult Bald Eagle. I pointed it out to everyone and we all stopped paddling and watched in awe. I was into birds and nature since a young age, so I knew of the plight of the eagle and knew how great of an event this was to be able to witness. The Bald Eagle circled a few times and then landed in a large, old white pine.  With the bird sitting in the brilliant green pine, the azure blue sky and  wispy white clouds behind it,  that scene will forever be etched in my memory! Thankfully I have seen thousands of eagles since, but this one Bald Eagle I will always remember.

Now it's your time to share!