Weekend Activities

Wow what a weekend from Blue Jay Bombings to H taking his first steps to fending for his own  How exciting and entertaining was this.  I have never laughed so hard.  Mom brings in fish for H and Blue jays dive bomb her for the whole entire feeding.  Was expecting more than once to see blue feathers in the nest the next morning.  Mom is so patient.  Now onces we get past this stage mom brings in alittle gossling and what Does Harmon do he goes and steals it from mom.  Major food fight and chasing around nest.  Even a little tug of war.  Mom and Harmon eat the gossling and mom takes off just to hide from dad knowing he will be bringing fish in soon.  Dad comes in Harmon goes and tries to steal fish from dad(actually dad did not eat the head off this fish it was actually whole)  Dad was not about to let go of that fish until mom came flying in and stole the fish from dad.  Dad never does stick around long after mom takes food.  He was gone again.  I have no heard the Blue Jay as of late so have to wonder if I missed something.  Was a wonderful weekend.



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