Nest Update March 10, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 1

Happy Hatchwatch, MN Bound Eagle Watchers!

Today was a pretty calm day on the nest except for the wind!

Mom had a pleasant night on the nest and Dad spent the night on his perch nearby.

The wind was bad for hearing them but it did help dry out the nest from the rains yesterday!

Speaking of yesterday, what a day it was with Mom giving us a lovely egg to watch and dote upon like aunts and uncles. Thanks Mom!

Mich989Razzle posted another video from yesterday of the fish Dad brought Mom just before the laying.

MNBound Eagles Dad Presents Mom with a Fish Gift 

There was some branch wrestling this morning. Mom and Dad were going at it hot and heavy with the branch and then Mom gave up and left. Dad struggled with the branch for a while longer and then decided to sit on the egg again. BBC gave us a nice close-up to check that the egg was OK! Thanks, BBC!

MNBound Eagles Wrestles Branch & Close Up of Egg

A squirrel poked his head up near the nest and Dad gave him a wingslap to let him know who’s boss!

MNBound Eagles One Big Wing Slap

Mom and Dad put on a big defensive display in the afternoon. We do not know what they were warning away but there may have been a third eagle heard in the video. It was too windy to tell for sure.

MNBound Eagles Strong Defensive Alert

Later in the afternoon Mom saw Dad with food and came off the egg to call to him to bring her some. Dad arrived quickly with a mallard drake for dinner. Mom proceeded to munch on duck and Dad played for a bit then left. Dad came back to play with the mornings stick for a bit and buried the egg under some grass. He finished the duck and found the egg and sat down again until Mom returned.

MNBound Eagles Dad Gives Duck to Mom

Mom returned at dusk and took over the duties for the night

Many chatters are curious about the size of the nest. Mich989Razzle made up a graphic to show the approximate size of the nest. You can also see the side view on the cam page under the video. Just scroll down to see it.

nest dimensions.jpg

All in all a lovely day on the MN Bound Nest!

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!


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