Nest Update March 11, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 2

Happy Hatchwatch, MN Bound Eagle Watchers!

Great day on the nest today! Dad played construction foreman again and chased away one of the squirrels, don’t know if it was Lunch or Dinner. Mom was incubating in the morning and then Dad took over when her spa appointment was due. She stayed away for quite a while, came back and then left again when Dad brought in another stick and stepped all over her. Mom went back to the spa and Dad stayed until after dark. 

Mich989Razzle made us some great videos today and we were treated to some great extreme close-ups by the cam gnomes at BBC.Thanks go to both for great work today.

Roll the videos! 

MNBound Eagles Close View of the Egg

Double wing slap by Dad when one of the downstairs neighbors gets nosy!

MNBound Eagles Double Wing Slap

Mom and Dad took time to scan the skies and give us some great close-ups!

MNBound Eagles Scan the Skies

Mom paused long enough to give us some more great close-ups and nice shots of the egg.

MNBound Eagles Mom Zoom Wow

Some great stills from today!

dad wings.jpg

Dad Wingspan

1st egg super close.jpg
dad looking at cam.jpg

Egg Super Close-upDad Looks at Cam

Thanks Bekka, Gazgeorgia and BBC!

Everyone is wondering when Mom will lay another egg! Well my money is on tomorrow afternoon at 5:22pm. Come watch with us and see if I win my bet!

Well, another lovely day at the MN Bound Eagle Nest goes by and we hope for a great one tomorrow!

Happy Eagle viewing and we’ll see you on the nest!


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