Nest Update April 15, 2013 - Harmony Arrives!

Good Evening, Fellow Hatcharoonians!!

UPDATE :  BroadBand Corp made the decision to name the eaglet Harmony to honor both mypete and the events of last year at this nest. Mypete was the glue that promoted “harmony” at this nest as we experienced the trials and tribulations that happened. She would have wanted a memorial like this as it lets us move on from those memories and helps us celebrate new life as the nest is the cradle for another generation of Bald Eagles. We hope you will take this in the spirit it is offered and honor mypete in this way with us. Thank you! 

A WONDERFUL DAY at the MN Bound Nest! This morning we saw the pip at the first exchange between Mom and Dad at 7:10am and the day got crazy from there. Upwards of 2700 eagle peeps joined us in watching for any signs of a hatch. Five classes stopped by to add to the maelstrom. We caught a few glimpses of the pip during the day and it seemed to be getting bigger. As the evening rolled around we were almost resigned to waiting until morning to see the new addition. Then at 6:53pm exactly 37 days and 3 hours after being laid, Harmony, our new eaglet was revealed to the world.

Over the next couple of hours the rejoicing was heard all over the eaglesphere! Chatters came from all over to say mazel tov, congrats, happy birthday and many other lovely sentiments. Thanks to all who stopped by and we appreciate all the good thoughts! 

SS was moving so fast we needed an instant replay to read the posts! As the evening wore on we were treated to several more shots of Harmony as Mom freed her from the shell remnants. They then both settled in for the night as it got dark. Some peeps of newborn life were heard as Mom adjusted her position after dark. 

The mod team did a superb job handling all of the questions, answers, classes, glitches, and general tribulations that go with keeping so many chatters informed in a chat room setting like ours. All hail the best mod team on the net! 

On to the vids and such!

First glimpse of the pip early today.

MNBound Eagles We Have a Pip! 

Mom gives Dad a nudge to get back on the eggs.

MNBound Eagles Mom Nudges Dad

Dad brought some snacks to the nest late morning

MNBound Eagles Songbird Prey Left on Nest

Next look at the pip and it is larger.

MNBound Eagles Pip Is Larger

Dad brings a stick(a small one!) and the stands guard.

MNBound Eagles Dad Stands Watch

We caught a glimpse of the egg tooth.

MNBound Eagles Small Movement in Pip

First sighting of Harmony! You can almost hear the cheering!

MNBound Eagles 1st Hatch of 2013 Season

Dad looks in on the new arrival.

MNBound Eagles Dad Checks On His New Eaglet

And a last look before the light fails for the day. Night, Harmony!

MNBound Eagles Good Night Little Eaglet

There are lots more stills and such that I do not have room for here out on the web at the various MN Bound related sites. Please click on the link below to the MN Bound Facebook page to get started!

Mich989Razzle wore her fingers to nubs trying to keep up with all the happenings. Disks were spinning and files were being uploaded constantly! She provides us with a wealth of videos today and every day and deserves my, and your, undying thanks for a job well done. THANKS Mich!

And the same thanks go to BroadBand Corp and the team there for the great cam and all the panning and zooming that allowed us to share in this experience together. THANKS BBC!

So, to wrap up this blog about our happy day today I must also say thanks to all our chatters and lurkers for being the best on the net! Thank You, Too!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below or in the chat room.  Also, we'll be updating our official MN Bound LIVE Eagles Facebook Page regularly so you can follow along, like, or share with your friends.  We have several site moderators this year to help give optimal information to all that want to learn more about these magnificent birds.