Nest Update April 16, 2013 - Harmony’s First Day!

Good Evening, Fellow Harmonyans!

Today was like the calm after the storm at the nest! The weather was clear and beautiful as we enjoyed the first looks at Harmony having its first meal and Mom and Dad being proud parents. The little fluffball is the cutest thing on talons! Its down puffed out as it was supposed to and its squees are wonderful to hear. First feeding was about 7:15 am and Harmony sat right up and took notice. Mom fed it a few chunks of meat and then they both sat back down for a nap. Dad spent a lot of time away from the nest and brought back some more food for the larder. He took a couple of turns with Harmony and the egg and fed H a couple of times too. We believe the second egg is pipped and anxiously await the arrival of Harmony’s sibling! A hatch can take 12-24 hours or more so we may have a long wait.

The mods, chatters and perchers all seemed to catch their breath after yesterday’s posting marathon on the social stream. We were lucky to have almost 3000 perchers with us on the nest all day today. I hope you all had a great time with us as BBC zoomed in to see little Harmony in marvelous HD! The closeups and panning are the best we have ever seen in a nest cam. I have never seen an egg tooth fill a 32in monitor before and it was amazing! I hope you all were amazed too! 

Uhhhh, I must gloat here a little bit. On the 14th of March, the day after the 2nd laying, I predicted on the Social Stream that the first hatch would be on the 15th of April at 6:46pm. In the ensuing weeks several chatters scoffed at me and said No Way, Dude! One, FrankfromChicago, even made a bet with me that his pick would be closer than mine and the loser would have to donate $15.00 to the AEF in Dollywood. His money is now on its way to Tennessee as I only missed by seven minutes. So, that’s it for my bit of gloating! Hope I didn’t bore you with it.

Well, enough of me rambling, on to the vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles First Feeding of New Eaglet

Dad watches as Mom feeds Harmony a 2nd time with a great closeup!

MNBound Eagles Harmony 13 Hours Old

A short vid of the egg tooth.

MNBound Eagles Egg Tooth

Another short vid of the pip in the second egg. It is small and hard to see.

MNBound Eagles Pip in the Second Egg!

A nice vid put together by Razzle of Harmony’s Pip to Hatch story.

MNBound Eagles From Pip to Hatch "Harmony"

Later on in the day Dad brings home a mystery fish and Harmony gets some down in its beak. 

MNBound Eagles Trophy Fish & Harmony's Beak Feather

And this last one is called Harmony is TOO cute! And boy is it!

MNBound Eagles Harmony Is TOO Cute

Bekka found a pic of a newborn eagles belly button!

She also got a great snap of Harmony’s gullet

And Razzle got another great snap of feeding time.

A wonderful spring day to enjoy with our new arrival. And the best is yet to come as we await our 2nd eaglet and the adventures we will have with the both of them between now and fledging time!

P.S I just found out we are now the featured cam on the Ustream Animals and Wildlife section! Yippee!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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