Nest Update April 17, 2013 - A Pip and A Pipsqueek

Good Evening, Fellow Nestologists!

Today was semi eventful at the nest.  The weather deteriorated all day as another storm approached.  Our 2nd pip got larger but there was no hatch before nightfall. Hopefully the rising sun will show a new little eaglet to the world. Our little pipsqueek Harmony started her growth to eaglehood and we saw her first PS of the season. Dad, the magnificent hunter, brought several items of food to the nest and the chatters had much fun trying to identify the carcasses. Mom, ever the doting parent, fed our little one and even pushed Dad aside again when he tried to feed her. We had many good closeups and pans again and the pics were spectacular! Thanks BBC! So without further ado here are todays vids from Mich989Razzle. Thanks Razzle!

Ever seen an eaglets tongue? Cool to watch.

MNBound Eagles Did you Ever See an Eaglet's Tongue?

First sight of the egg tooth in the pip.

MNBound Eagles Big Pip & Egg Tooth In 2nd Egg

More movement seen in the pip.

MNBound Eaglet Movement Seen in 2nd Egg

Harmony even listened to her sibling in the egg.

MNBound Eaglet Seen Working in Pip

Mom took some food from Dad for Harmony.

Late in the day look at movement in the pip.

MNBound Eagles Update Pip in 2nd Egg

Dad was good to Mom and tore off some bits of food for her.

MNBound Eagles Dad Feeds Mom

Dad after defeathering the bird he brought home. We got to see him feak his beat later on.

Dad seems to have misplaced a feather.


Well we sure had an interesting day again at the MN Bound nest. Lots to see and lots more to come in the weeks ahead. Hope you will all stick around with us and enjoy the show as these eaglets grow!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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