Nest Update April 21, 2013 - Mombrellas and Poptents!

Good Evening, Fellow RainyPondripplers!!

Spring?? Are you here, Spring?? We’re waiting!!(sound of tapping talon). The day started cold and cloudy at the nest. Mom and Dad hunkered down on top of H&P to keep them warm and cozy while the weather deteriorated. 

A couple of fish and a small clump of compost was all that was brought to the nest today to fill the comfortably full larder. Rain came to the nest about mid-afternoon while Dad was sitting with the kids. Mom joined him on the nest and put up her mombrella for the duration. What a sight that was to behold! Both of them like statues as the rain soaked them. When the rain let up they both stood up, looked at each other as if to say“Well, thats over” and Mom took off to preen and dry off. Dad fed the kids, who had been beakering a bit all day, and settled back down for a nap. Later Mom came back and was only with H&P a short while when she spotted something that needed her attention. The kids were left alone in the nest and were looking around like”What gives here?” until Dad showed up about a minute later. Harmony and Peace had a good if claustrophobic day. They ate and slept to their hearts content and only beakered around a little bit before each meal. Mom leaving them alone was the highlight of their day. They are growing as we watch and will have their 2nd down in about 10 days. They will then be a darker color and will go from there to sprouting regular feathers.We all wish them well on their journey to eaglehood.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

Mom came home late morning with a fish and Dad let the world know about it.

MNBound Eagles Mom's Gone Fishing

After the fish arrived Mom got up to feed the kids and do a little cleanup. The kids ended up covered in grass and Mom was blown around on the nest. She did get them fed eventually. Dad brought in some dry carpet and helped spread it around.

MNBound Eagles Stay Low & Keep Your Tail Down

Late afternoon during the rain Dad feeds Mom chunks that she passes to H&P. She then gets up and they feed them together. These two eagles are the best pair we have ever seen!

MNBound Eagles Sharing & Caring Together

Dad had the nest when the heavy rain started. Mom returned and sat down facing him to help protect H&P. They stayed that way for over an hour as they rain fell and they were soaked. When it let up they both stood and shook themselves dry. What a display! H&P had a little beakering session and Mom fed them to quiet that down.

MNBound Eagles Sitting In The Rain

Fish coming in for a landing! LOL

PopTent in full operation.

Mom takes off for parts unknown.

Hey! What about us??

As I type this Dad and Mom have been doing something on the nest in the complete darkness. They are making strange noises and Dad sounds like he is renovating the rails. At 10:15PM! Oh well, I guess we’ll see in the morning. Maybe he put the swingset together! LOL The weather made it not one of the best days on the nest but a day here is better than a day almost anywhere else as long as we can share it with our eagle friends!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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