Nest Update April 20, 2013 - Full Crops and Cuddle Puddles!

Good Evening, Fellow SunnyRiparians!!

This is the 50th edition of the Bald Eagle blog this year. Is that a Diamond Jubilee?? It feels like it as we had a great day on the nest. The riparian area (riparian -The zone either side a flowing body of water such as a creek or small river) that the nest is in was sunny and sorta warm today as the snow melted and H&P ate to their hearts content. Mom and Dad kept their crops topped up to bursting and they ate it up with gusto. Dad, the great white headed hunter, kept the larder stocked with birds and a fish. He even brought in a smallish stick for the kids to see. Mom was on the nest the majority of the day and handled most of the feedings. Late in the day one of the birds Dad caught was de-feathered in the nest and Mom was covered in down not her own. The eaglets are growing strong and continue to eat their way to eaglehood. Harmony bonked her sibling a few times early but the rest of the day was bonk free as Mom saw to their every want. The sibs took turns eating and sleeping and PSing as little eaglets should. We look forward to another great day tomorrow but it is forecast to rain. I bet a Mombrella will be seen early on. And without further adieu, on to the vids and pics of the day.

Mom showed us how gentle she can be while feeding her young. A chatter asked why she was drooling so much as she fed them. Eagles pass enzymes and antibodies to their young through their saliva the same as humans do in the mother’s breast milk. It keeps the eaglets healthy and boosts their immune system early.

MNBound Eagles Mom's Gentle Touch

The little piggies in a pile of cute! Bonking, eating, and cuteness galore!

MNBound Eagles A Little Pile of Cute

Peace decides Mom’s pealing call is a bore and goes to sleep. 

MNBound Eagles Peace & Quiet

Harmony decided she was a big girl and stood up for the first time.

MNBound Eagles Harmony Stands Up 1st Time

A pic from yesterday of Peace trying out headwear.

Peace practicing a PS.

Wadda youse guys staring at??

Dad coming in for a landing

A Great Blue Heron working the pond

Harmony peeking out

Mom telling the downstairs renters to behave

 It was a great day at the nest for the Diamond edition of the blog. Dad and Mom both did well today with the eaglets and H&P had a fine day eating and growing. Tomorrow should be more of the same except a little soggier.

Thanks as usual to Razzle, BBC and all of the mods and chatters that make this The Best Cam On The NET™!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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