Nest Update April 25, 2013 - An Expedition out of the Nestbowl!

Good Evening, Fellow NestEscapeArtists!!

Harmony decided that today was the day to begin to explore the world outside the brood patch. She and her sibling were peeking out from under Mom and Dad all day as the spring weather finally kicked into high gear. Lots of time was spent by the eaglets sunning themselves and soaking up rays. Mom and Dad kept their crops topped up and held choir practice to scare off some interlopers in the area. Harmony managed to climb out of the bowl and helped Dad keep watch on the kingdom. Peace tried to keep up with Harmony but the effort was too much and she took naps instead. As the day faded the eagles were treated to a lovely sunset and the promise of an even warmer day tomorrow. 

So as we watch Mom and the kids in the moonlight I offer up the pics and vids of the day for your enjoyment.

Mom sat with the kids facing the cam so we got a great closeup of them trying to see their world.

MNBound Eagles Keeping an Eye On Peace & Harmony

Harmony began her explorations with Mom watching her every move.

MNBound Eagles Mini Escape From Under Mom

As Dad was scanning the pond Harmony kept watch on the other side of the nest.

MNBound Eagles First Time Sitting Alongside Dad

Later in the afternoon Mom is on the nest when Dad flies in and lands on the porch branch below the nest. Mom calls out her instructions and departs quickly. Dad flies up to the nest and watches over the sleeping babes.

MNBound Eagles Here Comes Dad

DUCK! Harmony’s attempt to take out the cam. 

Are you talking to me??

Yo Mom! You gonna feed me or what??

Whaddya mean I look like a featherduster??

Where do you think you’re going??

Well thus ends another wonderful day at the MNBound nest. Thanks as always to BBC for the cam and to Razzle and Bekka and all the mods and chatters for making this a special corner of the Net! 

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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