Nest Update April 26, 2013 - Peace Catches Up!

Good Evening, Fellow RailWorriers!!

The “Are The Rails High Enough?” season got in to full swing today as Peace decided it was her turn to gambol about the nest. She took off on her journey early and followed Dad and Mom around the nest all day, well, in between food comas and crop stuffing that is. Harmony was no slouch in the gallivanting department either. She checked out Harmon’s old perch on the tree trunk and found his fave spot for napping. Mom and Dad were having a high old time trying to keep up and keep them corralled. Once Dad actually sat on Peace to keep her still for a while as Harmony slept in front of him. Chatters had a great time trying to keep track of who was who and the classes we had today were awed to see them out and about. 

Tomorrow should be another lovely day on the nest as spring is in full swing now. The eaglets fell asleep tonight serenaded by frogs that were not heard just a couple of days ago. All of the good things about spring in Minnesota are happening now and we are glad you are here to share them with us.

A comment on yesterdays blog from ChrisK asked how to tell the eaglets apart. Well, today was easy because Peace had a dirty spot on her head all day. Usually, if you watch closely, you can see that Harmony is bigger than Peace. Peace’s head is smaller and her neck is skinnier. Harmony, being older, is changing color also as her secondary down grows in. Its a darker gray than the hatch down. There are other differences but those are the easiest to spot. Chris, I hopes this helps. Thanks for the comment. 

On to the vids and pics of the day!

Mom brought in some new dry carpeting from Menard’s and ran into Dad. Harmony helped spread it around.

MNBound Eagles Little Helper with Big Grass Delivery

Peace starts on her long trail to life’s adventures with an excursion in the nest.

MNBound Eagles Peace Scoots Around the Nest

Dad shows the kids what OSD is all about. 

MNBound Eagles Dad Trips All Over Himself

Some sibling kisses!

Peace with her spotted head today.

Harmony’s secondary down growing in.

Harmony wondering why Peace is being sat on.

And Peace looking longingly at some food going to Harmony.

Late in the day a chatter thought they saw a knife embedded in the nest material during a pan. It turned out to be a sharp stick down near the camera mount.

A great day on the nest to be followed by a warm and sunny weekend! What more could you ask for? 

Thanks go to Gazgeorgia, Bekka1017, and Razzle for the great vids and screencaps today. And as always thanks to BBC and MN Bound for the great cam.

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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