Nest Update April 9, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 31

Good Evening, Fellow Nestafarians!

Old man winter made what we hope will be his final appearance of the year at the nest today. 

Before the weather turned rotten Mom and Dad shared the nest for about 16 minutes this morning. Dad really did not want to leave the warm spot.

MNBound Eagles Nestle Together

The day was blustery and cold and the sleet and snow started to come down late morning.

Mom spent a miserable lot of hours on the nest as she rode out the storm. About 3:30pm dad came back and executed a perfect backwards landing as he let the wind carry him into the nest. Mom stood up and rode the wind up, up and away!

MNBound Eagles Dad Lands Backwards

They gave a great view of the eggs as they swapped places.

On one of Dad’s egg rolls he sat down with his tail to the wind. Not a good move.

MNBound Eagles Back Against the Wind

He finally got smart and turned a different direction. 

As we were watching and the talk turned to skirts and kilts blowing in the wind a bit of doggerel verse popped into my head. It sorta bombed in chat but I’d like to preserve it here to remind myself I’m not really a poet. LOL

His kilts are a blowin’ in the wind

and his wings are a tiltin’ once again

he likes it even tho the wind will win

and then he can start it all again.

Mick989Razzle has put together a Countdown to Hatchwatch video of all the preparations that Mom and Dad have done in the past week to be ready for the new eaglets coming soon.

MNBound Eagles Countdown to Hatch Watch

So, as I am sitting here writing this at 11:40 pm nest time the weather has gone bad with a vengeance. There was some thundersnow about 20 mins ago and the nest and Mom are covered in snow. The wind is howling and the tree is swaying. Stay safe, Mom and we’ll see you in the morning.

Thanks again to Razzle and BBC for all the great vids and pics from today!

Grayc’s Countdown to Hatch Clock!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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