Nest Update April 8, 2013 - Hatchwatch Day 30

Good Evening, Fellow Hatchatoonians!

Another great day on the nest at MN Bound!

It started out a little spooky this morning in the fog.

When did we move to Transylvania??

Dad had another visit from the downstairs renters and showed his displeasure with a full wing display. He stayed that way for 15 minutes as I guess he decided it was too much trouble to pull them in.

MNBound Eagles Dad Shows His 7' Wingspan

Razzle posted a couple of pics to show the progress of the nest from just out of mothballs to ready for hatchlings.


Ready as of today

We had some classes visit today and Squirrelmama sent along some of their drawings.

Dad of course had a bout of OSD today with some panning mixed in for good measure. Thanks BBC!

MNBound Eagles Who Left This Stick Here?

And Mom and Dad both did some nest prep today.

MNBound Eagles The Pair Prepare

And late in the day Mom had a little OSD going herself. Dad tried to help her without getting off the eggs.

MNBound Eagles A Mom Sized Stick

We also got a snap of the loudmouth next door.

All in all a very nice day at the nest even if it was a little rainy and overcast. Tomorrow a big wintry weather system is going to move into the area and give us our last taste of winter. We hope! But the weather gremlins say it will warm up in time for our hatch over the weekend. Yay!

Grayc’s Countdown to Hatch Clock!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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