Nest Update May 12, 2013 - Mom’s Day On The Nest And Other Stories

Good Evening, Fellow MomLoversEverywhere!!

Update: Monday’s Blog will be by a Guest Blogger. It’s a marvelous story, please don’t miss it!

Spring in Minnesota was never finer than this Mothers Day! The dawn came up like thunder and revealed a simply marvelous day on the nest. Dad brought Mom and the kids breakfast in the nest (it was a duck of unknown species) and they chowed down while the cam rested for a short while. When the cam reawakened the duck was mostly gone and kids and parents looked greatly satisfied. Food comas ensued and Mom had a very pleasant morning watching the scenery change as the world greens up around her. The afternoon was calm and relaxed also as Dad and Mom traded places watching the kids and patrolling the area. Dad brought another bird late afternoon for a dinner treat. As the darkness fell he also brought in what looked like a wing from a large bird that had the markings of either a wild turkey or a barn owl. The light was so poor by that time it was tough to make a positive ID. Hopefully, we will be able to tell in the morning.

The Tremendous Twosome, Harmony and Peace, spent the day doing eaglet things. They napped, grew feathers, ate, played a couple of rounds of Scare The Chatters and had a very pleasant day chasing Mom and Dad around the nest. Peace awoke bleary eyed this morning and proceeded to PS right on Harmony’s head. Later in the day Peace had a tug-o-war with Dad over a stick and won. I guess OSD (Obsessive Stick Disorder) is hereditary. During one of the rounds of the game they went for a slam dunk as they both hung their heads over the rails at the same time. They made the play and were very happy with themselves. The chatters were amazed at the amount of coordination they showed during that play. Lots of screenshots were taken and posted to the web. I am trying to decide whose gets posted here tonight. 

The new neighbors downstairs in the nest were very noisy today as they set up housekeeping and prepared for new families of their own. Chatters were amazed that the eagles allowed them to move in. Many species of animals have a symbiotic relationship that lets them live in close proximity to one another. This is just one example of it. The lower part of the nest is a perfect place for smaller species of birds to live and raise young. At least 3 species have been seen going in and out of the lower nest area. As they are not a ready prey species for the eagles they are really in no danger from the eagles. And the benefit to them is the eagles keep away predators that would plunder their nests if they were located elsewhere. The only drawback for us is that the noisy sparrows seem to have taken up residence right next to the microphone. Makes for an earful sometimes.

Some great vids and pics from today.

Peace lets loose and Harmony gets it in the head!

MNBound Eagles PS Wake Up Call

Noisy renters are seen moving in and making a fuss.

MNBound Eagles The Noisy New Neighbors

Peace wins her tug-o-war with Dad.

MNBound Eaglets Tug Of War with Dad

Harmony and Peace snack on duck and watch over the kingdom.

MNBound Eagles Peace & Harmony Reign

The slamdunk play that won the match for the eaglets.

Harmony showing off her wing and pin feathers. A good 2.5 foot span already.

Dad observing his realm.

Harmony keeping watch with Dad.

Family time on Mothers Day.

Well this has gotten very long so I will close with a hearty Happy Mothers Day and the hope that yours was a good one. Thanks to Razzle, Bekka and BBC for the great pics as always.

Have a great Monday and we’ll see you on the nest!