Nest Update May 14, 2013 - A Record Day For Heat In MN

Good Evening, Fellow WindyHeatSurvivors!!

Well, that was a great blog entry by eaglessoarfree, wasn’t it? A great story and a great ending! Thanks, Eagles!

Both Monday and today on the nest were very windy. Difference was today was like a blowtorch! The temps all across Minnesota west of the St.Croix River soared into the nineties and beyond. Albert Lea, about 140 miles from the nest reached 102˚ by mid-afternoon. The temps at the nest were almost as hot, reaching 98˚ by 2pm. About 4pm power was lost at one of the relay stations that bring us the cam. Emergency measures were taken and the cam came back up in time for us to watch a beautiful sunset. Thanks BBC!

Monday was a blustery, cloudy day on the nest. It threatened rain early but it all missed the nest. Mom and Dad kept the kids topped up with fish and nestovers. Harmony and Peace were good little eaglets and ate all that was set before them. They also took their naps and performed all their other duties. Tuesday was a bit of a different story. It started warm and became hot in short order. The cam was down early for a bit so breakfish was off-cam today. As it warmed up both Mom and the kids moved to the edges of the nest to take advantage of the stiff wind to cool off a bit. Dad delivered a fish late morning but no one really seemed interested in eating in the heat. Mom and H&P settled in to wait out the heat in the early afternoon. We lost the cam feed late afternoon and when it came back up things had cooled off and the fish was gone. Harmony had a huge crop and Peace looked comfortably full, too. The sun set on the record breaking day at the nest and we look forward to a cooler day tomorrow.

On to the vids!

Dad brought a turkey wing home on Mother’s Day evening.

MNBound Eagles Large Wing Prey

Peace helps Mom redecorate.

MNBound Eagles Peace Redecorates the Nest

Dad has a bit of a skittish takeoff in the wind.

MNBound Wind Blows Dad Sideways Backwards

H&P play catch with some food.

MNBound Eagles Peace & Harmony Play With Their Food

Time does fly! The kids are nearly a month old.

MNBound Eaglets Almost A Month Old

Beautiful evening after a scorcher of a day.

MNBound Eagles Peace & Harmony & Dad's Beautiful Evening

Harmony checking out the renters downstairs. 

Peace’s primaries coming in.

H’s primary feathers.

Harmony handling the wing from breakfish.

Harmony playing Mini Me.

Mom and the kids sweating through the heat.

Mom's windblown look.

Well, time to wrap up this edition of the blog. Hope you had a cool day wherever you were and that your air worked if it wasn’t!

Have a great evening and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.



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