Nest Update May 17, 2013 - A Fab Friday!

Good Evening, Fellow TGIFer’s!!

Well the end of the week brought a little rain to our eagle family. Harmony and Peace got their first real shower but it didn’t last long. They hunkered down and waited it out with Mom standing beside them looking like a soaked eagle statue. After the short spritzing the kids resumed exploring the nest, helping rearrange the furniture and generally having a good eaglet day. They were also looking for a meal to be served but it seems Mom and Dad have started stretching out the mess calls. This is a normal development and promotes competition between the eaglets for food. They were still very polite while waiting to be fed but they are getting grabby when Mom offers up the bites of food. A three course meal of fish, roadkill and small bird (some thought duckling) was brought in as the sun set and crops were filled for the night. Mom decided to do some digging in the nest after dinner and proceeded to bury Peace under dusty nest contents. Peace took it with good grace and shimmied her way out of it. As the light slowly faded on the nest Mom and the kids settled in for a nice spring nap.

Todays lovely pics and vids from 989Razzle.

Harmony and Peace are working the nest buddy thing.

MNBound Eagles Best Nest Buddies

Later in the day the buddy thing ain’t working so well.

MNBound Eagles Peace & Harmony Go Beak 2 Beak

Harmony works on using those “Clown Feet”.

MNBound Eagles Harmony Stands Upright "Baby Steps"

Screenshots of the day.

Hey, you awake?

She's my Mom! No, she's mine!

Watch where you put those things!

Can you get me a soda while you're up?

Hoo Boy! Fish again?

Does it do this often??

Anybody got a towel??

So it was a slightly damp Friday with the prospect of more rain in the next few days. We’ll just have to wait and see if that happens and how H&P handle it. Should be a good time on the nest.

Hope you had a great day watching and we’ll see you tomorrow on the nest.


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