Nest Update May 2, 2013 - A Quiet Day After The Intruder Scare

Good Evening, Fellow WindyNesters!!

So, today was a very calm one after the intruder was chased away by Mom last night. The discussion, however, continued hot and heavy throughout the day in SS. We all looked at the footage several times and we do not have a consensus as to what the intruder was. Most of us are leaning to it being another adult eagle. That means it couldn’t be Harmon as some have stated. Sorry. It did have a white tail and it was hard to see the head, it was moving so fast with Mom chasing it like the Hound of the Baskervilles. But it did not return and we had a very peaceful day on the nest. It was windy and a little chilly so Mom and Dad spent a lot of time sheltering the kids to keep them warm. Luckily, the snow predicted all went south of the nest area and made big headlines on The Weather Channel. Hopefully for those hit it will melt quickly and we can get on with spring. Mom and Dad kept Harmony and Peace full to the brim again today and they played and slept as the day demanded. There was a northern brought in earlier in the day and Mom brought in a nice fresh duck for dinner. The nest got a new coat of feathers and the kids ate it up with gusto. After dinner Peace chased Mom around the duck and then everyone settled in for the night. 

It was so calm on the nest today we don’t have any vids tonite. We do have some pics from the day though.

Peace playing “I got your Nose” with Harmony. (Thanks Pat!)

And Mom tries it with Dad.

Harmony checking the wind direction. 

Mom over the nest.

Are you guys still here? Your dust bunnies need chasing!

Time for some roughhousing!

Tomorrow one of our great mods, jreagle, will be doing the first of the guest blog appearances. She’s keeping it a surprise so I am as excited to see it as I know you will be. Thanks to Razzle and BBC as always for the great pics from today. 

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we will see you there tomorrow!


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