Nest Update May 1, 2013 - Holy Smokes!

Good Evening, Fellow IntruderExcluders!!

Boy, Oh Boy! I get stuck at another long day of work and you guys have a most exciting day on the nest! When I looked in to grab a screenshot this morning Mom was standing on the nest covered in snow! And Dad was covered, too! Somebody forget to tell the weatherman?? It’s MayDay! Flowers are supposed to be starting to bloom, fer goshsakes! Peace was sticking her neck out trying to see what was falling from the sky. Harmony played it smart and tried to stay in the warm spot under Mom! Didn’t quite work out for either of them but they did get some fishcicle for breakfish.

MNBound Eagles Snow Falls on May Day

Harmony found a soft spot to hang out in and posed for the cam today.

MNBound Eagles Simply Harmony

Razzle posted a vid she captured on Monday of Harmony’s wingtip with her 2nd down growth showing.

MNBound Eagles Harmony's Wing Tip at 14 Days Old

And for the big WOW of the day, as the kids and Dad were waiting for Mom’s return this evening, something caught Dad’s eye and he let it know it was not welcome. This went on for some minutes and when Mom did show up she surprised Dad for fair. They both held choir practice to try to scare the intruder away. Finally Mom lit out after it and chased it across the river and away from the nest. It could be seen leaving in a big hurry with Mom hot on it’s tail. From stills and freeze frames it looks to me like it was an adult or near adult eagle that came to pay a visit. Sorry to say the coloration of the intruder precludes it from being Harmon. Last I heard he was living the high life somewhere else anyway. The kids were good eaglets during all of this and kept their heads down in the middle of the nest. Such good children! An exciting ending to a MayDay filled with excitement.

MNBound Eagles Extreme Alert Adult Eagle Intruder

Mom brought in some more new carpeting for the north wing.

Dad’s wing spread during the intruder incident.

Mom surprising Dad.

Mom and Dad during the choir practice.

All in all, a very interesting First of May on the nest! Thanks to Razzle and BBC for the great pics and vids today.

Hope you enjoyed the day on the nest and we’ll see you there tomorrow!


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