Nest Update May 7, 2013 - The Kids Learn to Edge!

Good Evening, Fellow NestRailBuilders!!

Two days worth of vids and pics and LOTS to talk about tonight!

But first I just want to remind everyone that tomorrow nights blog will be by our own MNVicki! It’s very topical to what is happening on the nest, so please don’t miss it! Thanks!

On to the nest happenings. 

Well, it happens at every nest, sooner or later. The eaglets have realized we are watching them. How do I know this?? They have started to play their games with us. The first is always “Scare The Chatters!”. It began Sunday with quick trips to the rails and intensified yesterday with short stays near the edges. Today was an all out effort to drive chatters and mods crazy as Harmony and Peace hung over the edges for extended periods. They would let us relax a bit as they fed but then it was right back to the game. They watched and napped at the edges all day in an effort to get the perchers to post worries in the Social Stream. And it seemed to be succeeding! The chatters were posting like crazy for them to “Get Back!”, “They are to close!”, “Are They gonna Fall?”, ... Well, we can beat the eaglets at this game. If we stop posting all of our concerns they will have no choice but to stop trying to make us crazy! Help us out in this effort to bring sanity back to the Social Stream! If YOU stop posting your worries, they WILL quit the game. I’m sure of it! All of us together can make this a true No Worry Zone. Thanks!

Other than the game we had a short day viewing today. The cam was down as the sun came up and didn’t return us to viewing until about noon nest time. BBC is investigating a battery drain and is working on a solution. In order to conserve power, they shut the camera down early tonight and will wait until approximately 9am tomorrow to bring it back up. This is to allow the batteries some time in the morning to recharge before they need to run the cam. BBC is keeping us apprised of the situation and we will update you as we learn more. Keep your talons crossed for a happy ending.

Mom and Dad fed the kids mostly nestovers until Dad brought home a wiggly northern pike about mid afternoon today. Mom immediately took it to the larder and proceeded to fill crops after making sure it wouldn’t wiggle any more. Harmony and Peace ate with gusto and kept up their strength to continue playing the game. As we waited for the cam to go down for the night the Kirby rays came out to play and it was another beautiful evening on the nest.

Ok, lets start with yesterdays vids.

The kids tail pin feathers have started to come in. 

MNBound Eagles Sprouting Tail Feathers

The babes were under foot so much yesterday Mom ended up standing on Harmony!

MNBound Eagles Standing Room Only

Later in the day Mom dances around Harmony again and Dad chases some flies on the nest.

MNBound Eagles Hey What's That?

And todays vids.

Dad brings home his wriggly northern!

MNBound Eagles Dad Grabs Slippery Fish

And Razzle made a vid of edge behavior during a zoom today. Its a game! I swear its a game! 

MNBound Eagles Edge Behavior

Some random pics from yesterday and today.

Its greening up around the nest area!

Harmony’s wing and Peace’s toes.

Peace’s peruke and Harmony’s pinfeathers on the right.

So, when do you wanna start the game??

Peace in the cool spot by the tree.

Dad and Mom fish wrestling.

Another northern pike for dinner.

Well, this has gotten very long, so I’ll let you get back to watching with this last thought. The game paragraph above is my attempt to inject a little humor into a situation on the Social Stream that should be considered by everyone before they post. Please, if all you have to say when you post is something that will engender worry in another chatter, please think twice before you post it. We can all see the eaglets and what they are doing. Eagles Nests are No Worry Zones. Lets try to keep ours worry free. Thanks!

Thanks as always to Razzle, Bekka and all who contributed pics here and on Facebook. You help make our eagle viewing so much better. And thanks also to BBC for the cam. I hope you work out the troubles soon.

Hope You had a good day on the nest and we’ll see you there tomorrow


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