Nest Update May 6, 2013 - ArkyAngel's Guest Blog

Hello everyone! ArkyAngel here, and I wanted to share my story of how I came to be a full-fledged eagleholic!

Like many of you, the eagles came to me during a very difficult period in my life. I was emerging from an illness that had left me hospitalized for 9 months. As I began to become coherent, I knew I had a long battle ahead of me and I felt scared and alone. A good friend sent me a link to an eagle cam....and changed my life forever.

I watched from my hospital room on a laptop, often many nurses and even an occasional Dr. would be huddled around watching with me. I became proudly known as the unit "eagle woman." Before long stuffed eagles and posters became part of my scenery. As I watched daily these eagles thrived and overcame obstacle after obstacle. Such brave and strong birds, yet so gentle and loving with their young. I decided I could be a brave eagle, too! I thought of them during painful procedures and physical therapy and found it gave me strength...but more important than that, they had given me hope and something to look forward to each day.

Not having much family, they became like family to me in a way. I read about eagles, wrote about eagles, and got many other patients in the unit watching. All reported an uplifting experience. That is why it means so much to me when we find out that our camera is being watched in hospitals and nursing homes. These magnificent birds played a large part in my recovery and I will forever be grateful to them. At a time when I thought I had lost everything and everybody, they filled such a void! There is hope for us all in nature and we are the hope for the future of nature. It is a delicate partnership, but as we become more and more aware of nature, and especially as the children become aware at an early age, we can learn to coexist with respect and love. Your support in watching these cams and telling others about them is very important.

You just might be saving a life, I am living proof!

Here is a poem I wrote during my illness:


   I Am An Eagle

 Though I am frail

 My spirit inside

 Soars without fail 


Times have been hard

 Sometimes barely alive

But my wings sustain me

And I survive


As strong eagles glide

With wind under their wings

 Although my eyes cry

My heart always sings


When darkness surrounds me

And I want to hide

I just hold tightly 

 To the eagle inside


The daily vids and pics will return tomorrow.

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