Nest Update May 9, 2013 - Clown Feet and Lots To Eat!

Good Evening, Fellow NestCircusFans!!

Boy, I am going to have to up my game here. The guest bloggers have been superb and have set a new standard for me to meet. I hope the ones coming up don’t push me as hard as the first three have. Not sure I can keep up!

Yesterday and today at the nest have been shortened viewing days for us as BBC works to restore the cam to full power. They have taken the cam down at night to conserve power and brought it back up about midday to give the panels time to recharge the batts. They have been very busy with the cam here and also getting the Loon cam going for the season. Hope they are getting a little rest! 

Mom, Dad and the kids have had a windy and cloudy few days at the nest. Harmony and Peace have been giving the chatters a break from the game they were playing and are keeping to the safer parts of the nest. Dad has been the great white headed fisherman and brought home at least three very good sized fish and a few other animals to make very good meals for H&P. Mom has been making sure crops are topped up at all times. There hasn’t been much excitement but Mom and Dad have let loose with a few warning calls to passersby. Harmony and Peace are learning to nibble on the food that is brought in and also how to use those clown feet of theirs. They have been very playful with each other and are starting to compete for bites from Mom and Dad. Also their tree trunk and rail painting is coming along very well. Harmony has been seen helping Mom adjust the Feng Shui of the nest and Peace has been catching up on her beauty sleep. They both have feathers starting to sprout and Harmony is getting that speckled look that tells us her body and flight feathers are coming in. Last nights sunset and tonights also were a lovely shade of pink which delighted our mod Pinkabbie.

Great vids from yesterday and today.

Razzle compiled some gymnastics by the kids yesterday.

MNBound Eaglets Wing Flaps & Tumbles 

H and P Have a cuddle puddle nap in the afternoon.

MNBound Eagles Cuddle Puddle

Mom and Dad have a little tug-o-war.

MNBound Eagles Too Much Sharing

A look at Harmony’s first feathers and a grass delivery by Dad.

MNBound Eagles Harmony's 1st Feathers

Looks like the kids are dreaming of flying while they nap.

MNBound Eaglets Dreaming of Flying & Eating Fish

Harmony wins a PS contest.

MNBound Eaglets Silly String Dual Poop Shoots

Mom and Dad warn off a flyby intruder.

MNBound Eagles Flying Too Close For Comfort

And a selection of pics.

Harmony paints the tree. 

Checking out the Feng Shui.

Dad on guard with the fish.

Harmony checking out her Dad.

Don’t you people have better things to do??

Still here??

Harmony shows off her wings.

As you can see it was a calm two days at the nest. The kids are growing by leaps and bounds and its fun to see the changes happening before our eyes. Thanks as always to Razzle, JReagle and BBC for the marvelous vids and pics.

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we’ll see you there tomorrow!


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