Nest Update May 10, 2013 - Green Leaves and Blue Skies!

Good Evening, Fellow FineSpringDayLovers!!

The day at the nest dawned bright and clear and the cam was up to see it. Some panning midmorning showed us the greening of the area and smoke from a fire south of the nest. The fire posed no danger to the nest but was interesting to see from the cam.

Later in the day another shot in the same direction showed the fire was out. Hope it was a rubbish fire and nothing was hurt.

Mom, Dad, and the kids had a marvelous day on the nest. Dad went fishing again and brought in 2 more good sized fish, a bass(we believe) and a good sized carp. These went to restocking crops and keeping Harmony and Peace full and satisfied. Mom brought in some more grasses to help keep the nest neat and tidy and the kids tried to help her spread them around. H&P played a couple of rounds of Scare The Chatters without much success as the peeps in chat are now wise to their ways. Rail painting and tree trunk whitewashing continued apace and looks to be completed before they fledge. As Dad brought home the bass today it seemed like he was followed to the nest by an intruder. Both he and Mom went into alert mode and warned whoever it was away. They waited until the area was clear to begin feeding H&P. The rest of the day was just a nice lazy spring day as the leaves popped out and the kids grew some more. At the rate they are growing we may see them off sooner than expected. Not that that would make us happy but it is wonderful to see them developing so fast. Mom and Dad each spent time with the kids today and even caught a few naps themselves. Another lovely pink sunset closed out the day.

On to the vids of the day!

BBC gave us some nice closeups of Harmony and Peace catching rays and making Vitamin D.

MNBound Eaglets Sun Buddies

Harmony decided to see if Mom’s tail tasted good.

MNBound Eagles Nibbling Mom's Tail Feathers

A selection of pics from today.

Mom in full takeoff mode.

The fast and the fuzziest!

Peace looking for Internet friends.

OK, You two keep watch while I dig up lunch!

But Mom, I don’t wanna go to school!

Hmmm, Maybe this will get her attention!

How many times do I have to do this?

Mom hiding from the kids! (actually preening)

A hearty Thanks as always to Razzle, Bekka and BBC for the wonderful pics and vids!

Hope you had a great day on the nest and we’ll see you there tomorrow.


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