Nest Update June 18, 2013 - Torpid Twigging Tuesday

Good Evening, Fellow NestNappers!!

First off, a hearty wing waggle and a big thank you to Firetruck1988 for his excellent blog on captive eagles. Great information and a well written piece. Thanks Firetruck!

We have another blog exclusive vid from Razzle! Thanks Razzle!

Tuesday started with a good breakfish of duck ala nest with the kids self-feeding and getting in a little food wrestling. Later in the morning more foodstuffs were delivered and the kids played a little keepaway again. Most of the day was spent relaxing, wingersizing and picking targets for the after fledge graduate course in survival. About 1:30 pm Dad delivered a fish that still had some life to it and Peace got the snatch and grab again. Harmony tried to steal it twice and in the process it looked like the fishy was lost over the edge of the nest. Peace managed to rescue the fish and proceeded to chow down. Harmony and Peace have both taken to perching on the twigs at the edge of the nest both to help develop talon strength and to scare the chatters once more before they fledge. A little beak bonking was seen today but no major disagreements. As darkness fell they kids were playing on the nest and getting ready for the long nap ahead.

On to the pics and vids of the day.

First the blog exclusive vid of the day.

Peace tries to get some air and BBC treats us to some good panning

MNBound Eagles Pull Up a Branch & Sit a Spell

Peace scores the live fish from Dad and the fun begins

MNBound Eagles Peace Takes Live Fish From Dad

Peace gets the sneezies from a feather in her nose. Recorded June 12th

MNBound Eagles Peace Sneezes 22 Times

And a selection of pics of the day.

You have another bearclaw? We promise not to tell this time!

6-18-13 fish07.png

Pssst! Your boss is behind you again!

6-18-13 Peace.png

Let's fake like we're fighting and maybe he'll leave!

6-18-13 Harmony's little fish02.png

Fish delivery! Hey Wait! Leave the talons!

6-18-13 Dad brings fish.png

We are experiencing many pauses and dropouts in the cam video stream. This seems to be coming from Ustream but BBC is looking into the problem and hopefully will have a solution. Thanks BBC for all you do for us eagleaholics! And a big thanks to Razzle for the pics and vids from today!

I hope you had a great Tuesday wherever you are and we’ll see you here on the nest tomorrow!


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