Nest Update July 20, 2013 - A Convocation Of Mods

As promised, the Blog, on this penultimate day of blogging for the season is given over to the generous, educated, stupendous, talented, marvelous, erudite, spectacular, friendly, amazing, brilliant...... I could use every superlative in the dictionary and thesaurus to describe this group of lovely volunteers who made it through some rough times to help make this the Best EagleCam On The NET™. I thank them all for allowing me to be part of this experience and sharing this great season with me and all of us. So, without further adieu......


What a wonderful season we have had, with Mom and Dad and Peace and Harmony. I have enjoyed every minute watching them grow into the young eagles they have become. What a pleasure to be part of the mod team here at MNB and among the fine family of chatters we have acquired at the nest this season. Can't wait to do it all over again next year. It seems now we move into the next phase as Eagle watchers, as the Juvies move into their next phase after fledging. Only a few days left to enjoy their presence on our monitors, as they visit back and forth to the nest together. I know I will be watching as much as possible before they go off air and we start all over again, anew, next season. They knew when they were ready to fly away home to the wild and surprised us by taking the leap and now there is no turning back for them. Never again to be our little cuddlers on the nest and keeping our eyes entertained by their every move day and night, as now they independently move away from us. It's their story and our history with them. Their destiny from egg to hatch is being fulfilled. For us, the last chapter is being written in our Eagle Addicts memory books. What a story we have witnessed. Written on all our hearts from the first star pip in an egg to the glorious magnificent personalities they have become. Our super Eagles! Raised by two super parents! They have tasted the fruit of their inheritance, and are ready to go. Hope to see you all next year! 

As they soar the thermals, we will put into practice the lessons we learned, in an Eagles nest, with our own families and lives. We were schooled by two white headed and wise teachers. And we will do them proud, until, if by privilege, we meet again, and write a new story. Thank you MNBound Eagles. Thank you BBC and MNBound for the invite into the world of Bald Eagles and the inspiration and new perspective it has given to many of our lives.

Now, fledge allegiance to the skies, little Eagles!! And live happily ever raptor!



What a great nesting season this has been. We got to observe many new behaviors and happenings on the nest.  The new cam made it clearer, closer and had finer detail to the images it broadcast.  I feel so privileged to be part of it all. This is my first time to help out as a moderator and have worked with some really great people.  To help give out information, make observations and extend a warm welcome to viewers and chatters is what being a moderator is to me. This is not a research site but one that based on the eagles and not the egos.  The love and warm for this eagle family is shared by both the chatters and the moderators making it a friendly site to visit.  There was an unexpected rough period of time that all of us had to transition through, but those of us that truly cared about the eagles came back to make the rest of the season great.  Many thanks to BBC for the great cam, MNBound for the bald eagle section on their site, Razzle for the videos, Talon for the blog and fellow moderators.  

Here’s to next year being even better! 



Well my fellow eagleaholics the time has come to say goodbye until February 2014.  I had a great time as a mod and I enjoyed all of the questions.  I am looking forward to doing it all over again next season.  This was a great season because all of you fellow eagleaholics made it so.  I hope to see a lot of you at Southwest Florida eagle cam this winter.



Bittersweet is this goodbye. Once again, two Raptors have come together to complete their life's’ goal to procreate and raise at least one eaglet.   Together the Eagles brought a bunch of new peeps into my life, and I have enjoyed ‘meeting’ with each and every one of you. This truly was an amazing experience for me, and such positive channeling by you and all involved has made it this much better. How could I ever leave without thanking the most wonderful cam operators, BBC.  This is without a doubt the very best cam on the net. MNBound has done a wonderful job of bringing everything together, airing the nest, with a fabulous website, full of information. On that same site, a blog was written every day, keeping us all caught up, and btw, the best blog I have ever followed. The humor and the captions, provided all of us with daily laughter.  Thank you, TalonStrike.  I have worked with some of the most knowledgeable moderators I have ever known and enjoyed learning from them all.  Last but not least, who among us could ever have worked as hard and diligently as Mich, with her artistic and telling videos. With the blog and the videos we can watch, read and experience this humbling “story” all over again. I will miss everyone and hope to see all again soon next year. If you are looking for me, I’ll be over in my corner rocking back and forth on floor until I can see another eagle. Each year I find the addiction just gets worse.



I can’t believe that the nesting season of our amazing family is coming to an end! It seems like yesterday we were on pip watch, then we ooohed and aahhhed over them as bobbleheads, and now we’ve cheered them on as they’ve fledged. What an incredible journey we have shared together and it is one I won’t forget. When I began watching this cam this year, I had never posted on social stream before. But there was something about this site…it had a warm, welcoming feel to it so I took a chance. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be asked to be a mod. I want to thank MNBound and BBC for the opportunity to mod and for giving all of us a wonderful view into the lives of these magnificent birds. I also want to thank all the mods who helped me this season! Each of you were welcoming and friendly to me and you were always willing to share your eagle knowledge with me and answer my questions. Your “eagle patience” with me was very much appreciated!!! I also want to say thank you to the chatters! You were friendly, funny, and made me feel at home when I became a mod. I enjoyed chatting with you about a variety of topics such as the weather, sports, and most importantly, the eagles! It was so much fun to learn with all of you! This has truly been a phenomenal few months and I am really looking forward to coming back next year and watch Mom and Dad raise another adorable, funny, hissy fit throwing clutch!!! 



Hello friends! 

I am still alive and kickin'.  As you probably know I have been plagued with some ongoing health issues this summer, and have required some hospitalizations. My meds are being adjusted and I am home and feeling better. I want to thank you for your prayers, love and support. I am so proud to be part of this great eagle family we have formed. I plan to be back stronger next season and have the pleasure of spending more time with you and my fellow Mods. Everyone have a great rest of the summer! Stay safe and keep looking upward as the eagles fly!



Soon we will be saying goodbye,

This has been an interesting year, more drama for humans than our eagles unless you want to count an adventurous raccoon wasting its efforts at the nest as it was quickly chased away by protective mom eagle; and we wont forget all the crazy weather our eagle family had endured; and then of course, we have dad's OSD memories to keep us smiling. 

All mods and chatters brought their own special moments to the nest be it in laughter or concern for one another. We are a very caring group :) 

So is this goodbye? I hope not; I would like to think, as time goes  by, when we look up in the sky we will see Peace & Harmony soaring freely by.  As for us human types, we will all come together again as we go full circle to watch mom and dad bring another delightful brood to educate & entertain us, along with Dad's humorous stick antics!

Peace & harmony to you all until nest year!