Nest Update July 21, 2013 - All Good Things.........

A semi-final Good Evening, EagleFriends!!

So, how do you start the beginning of the end of the daily blogs for this season?? Do you talk about the 43,852 times the mods answered the question “Did they eat today?” Do you talk about the greatest chatters in the world and how this nest would be nothing without them? Do you talk about the mods (I used up all the superlatives last night) without whom this cam and chat could not exist? Do I bow down to Mich989Razzle whose superb videos and pictures made this blog the best thing around for catching up on the days doin’s on the nest? Or do you thank Broadband Corp for bringing us the cam and getting it up the tree in the first place? Or maybe thank MN Bound for their sponsorship of the cam, this blog, and allowing me to bring you a little humor along with the eagle news of the day?

Well, I think I’ll do all of that and more!

It may have been only 43,851 times. I lost track midseason. 

The chatters at MN Bound are the BEST! We only have one rule here, as opposed to many other chat rooms that have pages of them, and you guys took it to heart and made this a great place to mod, chat and blog. Thank you for “Being Nice!”.

The mods. What can I say to Bekka, Firetruck, mibirder, ArkyAngel, Riverroadraptor, MNKarenAnn, and Eaglessoarfree? They are the best group of mods anywhere and will continue to be now and next year when we do it all again. I love you guys! 

I must also acknowledge the contributions of the mods that started the year with us and couldn’t be with us after the transition that was made mid-season. MNVicki, Gretch, jreagle, GazGeorgia, Reenie, squirrelmama, Pinkabbie and graycsam I thank you for helping us get the season going and I do wish things had worked out differently.

What do I say about Razzle? She has worked harder than any of us to bring you and us the BEST instant replays and screencaps on the net. This blog would not exist in its present form without her skill and her accomplished eye for the best highlights of the nest action. Mich, you have my undying thanks and admiration. I look forward to doing it all again next year.

Team Broadband Corp. The best cam team bar none. In this third year at this nest you have outdone yourselves again. We look forward to an even better year next year with night vision and a windscreen on the mic. Thank you for all you have done this year under, at times, trying circumstances. The Best Cam On The NET™ will be even better next year.

MN Bound. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to display my middlin’ literary skills in this blog. It has been a blast writing it and I hope we can do it again next year. 

What else can I say except we have some plans for the future that are being discussed and we will let you know about them here and (hopefully) during our weekly chat sessions that will start soon after the cam goes down next Sunday. I will try to do one blog a week to keep you updated and maybe look back over the season that was. Please keep checking here and at the cam on Ustream to see what’s going on with our eagle family.

Speaking of the eagles, the last couple of days have been pretty sparse as far as sightings go. We see them in the mornings as they get up for the day and then they disappear except for short visits to the nest. It must be a busy world for our two juvies learning how to fend for themselves. They look healthy and vigorous and are adapting well to their newfound freedom. I hope you’ll all stay with us until the cam goes down to watch their progress.

We have two vids and a selection of pics from yesterday and today.

In a vid from yesterday Peace decides to see just how deep her gullet is.

MNBound Eagles Peace Eats Bone

And in todays vid Peace and Harmony make a short visit to the nest and squee our ears off.

MNBound Eagles Afternoon Visit with Peace & Harmony

And the last selection of pics for the blog this year.

Those guys from Maxim still haven't called! 

Those guys from Maxim still haven't called! 

What??? No more daily blogs?? How do we get cheetos now??

What??? No more daily blogs?? How do we get cheetos now??

Hey! Watch where you're flapping that thing!!

Hey! Watch where you're flapping that thing!!

Mom! Peace landed in the takeoff zone again!!

Mom! Peace landed in the takeoff zone again!!

Kirby came to visit just before sunset with mypete looking over his shoulder.

Kirby came to visit just before sunset with mypete looking over his shoulder.

Oh tis bittersweet this time of year

when these eagles we hold dear

Leave us now forevermore 

and go to gain a different shore


We know they will grow fine and strong

and find that place where they belong

the vaulted halls of cloud and wind

where their lives of flight begin


They’ll rule the skies with talon and beak

and with keen eyes their prey they’ll seek

to feast upon on branch and tree

the better their wild world to see


Remember as we pine for them 

that they were born to be the gem

of the trees, the hills, the skies

and they’d tell us ”Dry your eyes”


We will be fine, we will be proud

and as we dance among the cloud

remember us as we once were

your darling eaglets, eating fur.


As I leave you with this final daily blog of the season I wish you all the best and hope your eagle dreams are sweet and plentiful


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them below or in the chat room.  Also, we'll be updating our official MN Bound LIVE Eagles Facebook Page regularly so you can follow along, like, or share with your friends.  We have several site moderators this year to help give optimal information to all that want to learn more about these magnificent birds.