Blog Update 28 February 2014: Where's The Cam??

Well, the cam is in the tree. 

I know we had been saying that we would like to be up and running last weekend. I can give you a one word answer for why that didn't happen.


The solar power system has taken a beating this year from the brutally cold winter. The controller and inverter failed in December and as a result of that half of the batteries froze. The parts were replaced by BBC and the cam was up for a few days last week as they tested it in preparation for going online. However, on early Thursday morning last week the power system again went down and because of the Weather it took until Wednesday this week to get out to the site and retrieve the components so they could be tested back at BBC headquarters. Also, the batteries again froze because they were not under load and not being charged in the extreme cold. BBC has promised to keep us informed as to the status of the repairs and any news will be posted here and at the Facebook page. Mn Bound is working closely with BBC to support them in any way they can to get the cam up and running again. 

We are all keeping our talons crossed hoping the fix is not too complicated and that we will be up and running as soon as is humanly possible. Please keep yours crossed, too!

So, where does this leave us?

We are in pretty good shape actually. Mom has laid her eggs in the first 2 weeks of March for the last 2 years and we think that will be the case again this year. It may even be a little later because of the extreme cold and snowy conditions. The pair at Decorah laid their first egg a few days later this year than they normally do so we still have some time before the season truly gets under way. I know we are missing out on a lot of stick antics by Dad and nestorations by Mom but I will be happy if we get the cam up just in time to see Mom lay her first egg. So, please be patient with us as we root for BBC to get the problems cured as soon as possible. The cam will be back and we will have a lot of viewing to do once it does come up. Its a long season and if we do miss the egg lays it will just add to the mystery of when the hatches will be!

Thanks for your patience and keep the faith! The cam will be back!