March 4, 2014 - Closer And Closer We Come…..

Oh, give me a home

Where the eagles all roam

and the nests are full of eggs.

Where never is heard

a discouraging word

and the chatters ask questions all day.

Home, home on the branch

Where parents and eaglets never blanch

And they'll kick your behind

If they happen to find 

you sitting to close to the nest.

Just a word to the wise percher!

(What can I say, this stuff just pops into my head!)

In case you didn’t see it on the Facebook page here’s a short update from BroadBand Corp:

Here is the plan.

On Wednesday, (March 5) it is supposed to be a tropical 27ish degrees so we hope to bring the new Minnesota Bound Batteries and everything back out to the site along with the remote camera power shut off and get installed. If all goes well, we should be able to have things on line by the end of the day tomorrow.

Hopefully, if all goes well tomorrow, I’ll be able to wake up on my hatchday Thursday and spend the day with Mom and Dad on the nest. Year before last Mom gave me the best present by laying Harmon’s egg on my hatchday. Maybe we’ll get lucky again this year. It will be fun to see them again and to see how much nestorating they have done.

We are right in the beginning of the yearly window for this pair to be laying their eggs. Hopefully they have not started yet but don’t be surprised if we see Mom sitting on an egg when the cam comes back up.

Let’s talk about eaglet names for a bit. In 2011 at this cam it wasn’t a problem as hardly anyone was watching and the subject never came up as far as I know. In 2012 the chatters in SS, lacking any guidance from above, named the two eaglets Harmon and Kirby. The names stuck and were used for the season. In fact, Harmon became the most famous eaglet on the planet for a bit. He had his 15 minutes of fame and a lot more. Songs were sung for him, he had TV segments made about him, Facebook pages were dedicated to him, etc. People still refer to this nest as “Harmon’s nest”. We all hope he is still out there somewhere squeeing up a storm as he eats and drumming on anything he can get his wings on.

Last year as you know the elder eaglet was named Harmony by BBC both to honor our original mod mypete and to keep some continuity with the previous year. The second eaglet was named Peace by the head mod at the time because it went so well with Harmony. We here, the mods and MN Bound, have been having a discussion about naming the eaglets this year.

As you probably know up until the middle of last season BBC had been taking the lead in all things eagle at this cam. That changed mid season last year when BBC turned over the day to day duties of supervising the mods and the cam to MN Bound. The people at MN Bound feel, as do the mods, that naming wild animals is not something that should be done. They are not pets and we are only guests in their home. Naming them can cause confusion with other nests and can add to the anguish that the chatters feel if something bad happens at the nest. 

So, with that said, we will be referring to the eaglets this year as M7, M8 and who knows possibly M9 if we are lucky enough to have 3 eggs this year. I know some of you will be disappointed with this but we think it is for the best and it will be the policy from here on out. But Talon, you say, other nests and organizations still name their eaglets. Yes they do, that is their choice. Some of them name them to try and up their donations. Some just do it on a whim. More power to them. Our choice here is to not name them. I hope you can understand and support us in that choice and enjoy the upcoming season with us as always.

See you on the nest!


Please visit for lots of good laughs! Thanks!

Please visit for lots of good laughs! Thanks!

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