Nest Update March 12, 2014 - Hey, Where'd Da Cam Go???

Good evening Fellow AbsentCamWatchers!!

The day started as a typical “Let’s incubate these eggs!” day with Mom and Dad trading places keeping the eggs warm. Dad, as is typical of him, was again reluctant to give up his warm spot in the nest bowl. One time Mom returned to the nest, danced around him for a bit waiting for him to get up and then looked at him like she was going to kick him! I was indeed a funny moment. Dad on the other hand had his OSD on full display. Whether it was a stick just brought in or his nemesis on the trunk he was full on into stick wrestling today. We watched until around midday when the cam went offline.

When contacted BBC said they weren’t sure why the cam server went offline but speculated that it might be a power failure at the tower site where the server lived. I say lived because today BBC went out to the solar panels and elevated one of the three sets onto a new platform to keep it above the expected flood levels forecast for this year. The pond area below the nest is a flood plain for the river next to the cottonwood and has flooded before. So to keep the panels safe they must elevate them above the possible depth of the flood waters. I was hoping for a little flooding so the pond level would rise this year. It was looking a little anemic last year and needs some new water added. The upshot of the cam being down is it gives BBC an opportunity to move the cam server to a safer location with more stable power and an indoor location instead of being in an equipment shed in a field next to a radio tower. They were hoping to get it back up this evening but it looks like it will be tomorrow now. While they are moving and reenabling the server tis to be hoped they are also looking at the IR light power and will let us know how that is coming along. Thanks BBC for all the time and trouble you guys put in to help us watch our eagle friends! YAY BBC!

Only a couple of vids due to the short day today. And a quiz and a puzzle, too!

MN Bound Eagles 3-12-14 Morning Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ No OSD Here

MNBound Eagles ~ Defective Stick

Teacher Eaglessoarfree's class classwork this week! A thanks to BBC!

I forgot to mention that Delilah, the eldest eaglet at the Northeast Florida nest (where I drove the cam and modded for a bit before our season started), fledged today. Her brother Samson fledged a few days ago so this completes a very successful season at NEFL. Congrats to AEF and all involved with the nest!

NEFL Delilah fledges

Well it was a short viewing day today but the chatters made up for it somewhat by discussing a wide range of topics that, as always, came back to food. Seems chatting gives you the munchies! And you don’t even have to live in Colorado! :-) I hope you all had a great Wednesday and I’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


PS: Thanks to dragonlainey and Birdbrain56 for the vids today!

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