Nest Update March 11, 2014 -Eggs, Deer and A High-speed Chase

Good evening Fellow Cottonwood Connoisseurs!

Terrific Tuesday started mild and not quite as warm as Monday. A little rain fell early to dampen the nest but the snow that was predicted failed to materialize. Mom and Dad were very pleased the snow missed them and got down to incubating in earnest. They yelled at the neighbors a few times and changed places several time as the morning progressed. Dad delivered a rabbit around 10am for a good meal on the nest. Mom went first with the rabbit while Dad kept the eggs company. Mom returned after a bit and they switched roles with Dad polishing off the rabbit. A few small nestovers were left for afternoon snacks. Also in the morning Daredevil Squirrel again stuck his head over the rails and was chased off for his effort. 

Through midday and into the afternoon they took turns incubating and bringing in more new furnishings. Sticks (of course) compost and grasses to line the nest were placed in the appropriate spots. The large stick on the trunk is still there and still vexing Dad with non-cooperation. Lots of small birds were nearby and added their voices to the choir practices that Mom and Dad had at times today. A Red Tailed Hawk was heard in the distance for a good portion of the afternoon. Very late in the day Dad was on the nest and let loose with some very loud calls. The camera was panning and happened to catch what looked like Mom chasing a smaller raptor from the direction of the compost facility. She was yelling at the intruder as she chased it. It seemed to me that she peeled off and landed in the tree as the intruder flew off east towards the house across the way. They both gave the intruder a good scolding as darkness fell. 

Three of the local deer came to visit again today and lots of ducks and geese were heard begging the river to warm up soon. I think the geese are upset that their home in the pond is still covered with snow. They feel spring getting nearer and want to get going on their nests. BBC panned to give us some marvelous Kirby rays as the sun set. All in all it was a lovely first Tuesday of the new season. 

Bekka made us a puzzle to divert our attention for a bit.

Onto the pics and vids for today!

MN Bound Eagles 3-11-14 AM Highlights

MN Bound Eagles 3-11-14 PM Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Deer x 3

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom

MNBound Eagles ~ Kirby Rays & a Chase

MNBound Eagles - Dad brings lots of grass

And a selection of pics!

You two behave yourselves while I go get coffee!

Hawks!! Well, honey, there goes the neighborhood!

I'm sure glad you showed up! It was gettin' lonely under Mom!

I hope she likes this stick!

Thanks to dragonlainey, Birdbrain56 and Grisabella63 for todays vids and to Bekka for the puzzle!

Hope you all had a wonderful day today as well and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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