March 5, 2014 - Closer And Closer We Come…..Part Deux

From the anchor desk at BBC:

Today, we went out to the nest and with us was our little friend Mr. Charge Controller. Charge Controller was excited and couldn’t wait to get back to his job of controlling the electricity for Mr. Eagle Cam.

In the back of the truck sat 4 brand new deep cell batteries. While they are big and strong, they were a little scared because they have heard horror stories of others who have gone before them but never returned, stories of a cold cold place where the dark nights steal away your voltage leaving behind just a cold, heavy swollen shell.

Mr. Inverter could see that the Battery Boys were nervous and reassured them that Mr. Charge Controller and he would do their best to monitor and control all things voltage and to reassure they will stay full of energy and would never need to worry about those terrible stories happening to them.

We all made our way to a clearing under Mr. Cottonwoods protection from the cold winds. Mr. Cottonwood stood silent and tall next to Old Man River. They both seem to approvingly, yet quietly, watch with patience and curiosity.

Then we got real cold and threw everything together as fast as we could and got the heck outta there.

Everything is in and seems to be functioning, but we are not on line because we both had to bolt to address work issues. We will try to get to things up remotely either tonight or for sure sometime on Thursday. It just occurred to me that I don’t think we hooked up the IR,….will go back out tomorrow, we need to make a stand for the one off 80 volt Panel that’s sitting on the ground because we are for sure going to get flooded this spring.


We feel real good about being on line tomorrow,


Gotta run.

Thanks, BBC, for that live report from the field!

Well, it looks like I might get my hatchday wish after all!

Are you all ready? 

See you on the nest!


P.S.: A big thanks to Mark at BBC for waxing poetic today! And a BIG thanks to MN Bound for supplying the new set of batteries!

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Do ya think they got the cam fixed yet??