Thursday, April 23, 2009 9:25am

Partly Cloudy  56degrees  Windy S24mph

Today promises to be the first day that will really feel like summer.  It is supposed to reach into the lower 80's today.  That will be the first time we have had those temperatures since early last fall.  There is a possibility of thunderstorms over the next few days.  So summer is making its way north.  And that is also affecting the loons.

Each day that goes by, brings the loons closer and closer to nesting. 

They definitely are showing increased interest in the nest and taking ownership of it.  They still do not spend much time on the nest, but they increasingly come in to visit it and swim around it for a couple minutes before they once again swim away.

Early this morning right at sunrise, they were up on the nest for a couple minutes.  And just now they have once again been on the nest twice within the last hour.

So barring some sort of disaster, it is hopeful that we can count on them to use the nest once again this year.  That is always the big question - will they use the nest?  It is totally THEIR choice and there is nothing that anyone can do to make them nest on the platform.  But it looks very hopeful that once again this year they will grace us with their presence.  And give us the opportunity to watch close-up and personal this miracle of nature with these beautiful birds!

Join us for the adventure! 

And let your kids and family and friends and coworkers and school join you as well.