Thursday, April 23, 2009 7:07pm

85 degrees   Windy  South 18mph

As I write this, the loons are swimming around the nest.

Hopefully some of you have caught a glimpse of them since the camera is now LIVE!

They have not been up on the nest yet in this "trip in" but I would not be surprised if one of them gets up on the nest to "check it out" for a few minutes.

They are not ready to nest yet but they are more frequently coming to the nest.

One of them just got up on the nest!  I hope that some of you are watching it.

This behaviour means that they are more and more taking ownership of the nest.  With the increased activity, it means that they will almost certainly use the nesting platform again this year.  Right now she is pushing material around to make the "nest bowl" and rearranging other material.  And now she just got off the nest....all of that in about 3 minutes.   Oooops!!  She is back up on the nest again!

The more of this behavour that there is, the closer we are getting to actual nesting and egg laying.

When it happens it tends to happen very quickly. 

Watch for serious nest building and then very soon after that, the first egg is laid.  When we reach that point, they will then be nest bound for the next 28 days.

After only one minute on the nest, she got off and the pair is now swimming out into the lake.

But you can notice the start of the formation of the nest depression or bowl.

But apparently she felt that that is enough housework for now and off they go.

Check back later and often as this wonderful story unfolds before your eyes!  And have your kids and grandkids watch and learn!