Sunday, April 26, 2009 12:42pm

44 degrees  Rainy  Wind ENE 15mph

Let me first of all give you an update on the loons and the cam.  I know that it can be frustrating when you can't see the cam live right now.  But be assured that people literally across the country are working on getting it live again.  We take so many things for granted and do not always know what the technical wizards behind the scenes are doing to bring us this miracle of watching a pair of nesting loons LIVE from our living rooms!  Things like servers and uploads and downloads and DNS and 'time to life' and ips addresses (static and dynamic) and handshakes and bit streaming and more things than you would ever want to know of what goes into making it possible to see our beautiful loons.  So the technical wizards deserve our thanks and I know they are working hard to get the cam live again.

Now having said all that, let me assure you that you are NOT missing any critical events so far.  The loons have not nested and they have not laid any eggs yet.

But I know how special it is for all of us to even catch a brief glimpse of the loons as they visit the nest.  As they just rearrange material on the platform.  Each glimpse is special.  This is something that we have not brought you in past years.  By the time the camera was up and running on the internet, they had already nested and laid their first egg.

So this year, you have been able to watch the procedure as the loons come to the nest for a few minutes and then leave again.  As they check things out.  As they decide whether this is where they want to build their nest this year.

And so far the signs are very hopeful that they will once again nest on the platform.  But as I have said several times, this is something that is out of our control.  It is totally up to the loons as to whether or not they nest here.

I just got home a little bit ago and, almost as if on cue, the loons swam in and swam around the nest.  One of them, I assume it was the female, got up on the nest and spent about 5 to 7 minutes there.  They just left and now once again they are swimming back out into the lake.  I had not seen them earlier this morning when I looked for them.

So, as I said before, other than missing seeing the loons, you have not missed anything critical.  They have not nested and they have not laid eggs.

But we are getting closer and closer to that happening.  I would guess we are within a few days to a week that they will lay eggs.

So as soon as the cam is live again, keep watching.  Keep hoping.  Keep praying.  And tell your friends and family and neighbors to join you in this wonderful adventure.  In this unique peek into the world of nature and of loons.  This unique look at the wonder of the formation of new life!

Comments or Questions or Observations?  Post them here or in the chat room or send them to   While I may not be able to respond to all of them because of the volume, I will try to address some of the issues and questions in this blog.