Friday, April 24, 2009 7:00am

60 degrees  Partly Cloudy    Windy  S9mph

After high winds for the last several days, this morning is much calmer and more peaceful on a northern lake.  It is a beautiful start to what promises to be another beautiful day.

After looking for the loons earlier this morning and not seeing them, they have just made a visit to the nest again.  And this time they mated.  This is an almost sure sign that they will be using the nest this year and that they will probably begin serious nest building and/or laying eggs in the next few days to one week.

We can only watch.  And wait.  And hope.

But the signs are very encouraging.

The whole process of the visit to the nest and mating only took a minute or two and then they were off out into the lake to swim and fish and enjoy the day.

Enjoy watching the cam that is now LIVE!  See if you can catch a glimpse of the loons as they visit the nest for just a few minutes.  It will not be long before they have eggs and then you will be able to be assured that you will see them on the nest when you check.  For then they will be 'nestbound' for the next 28 days.

But for now, it is a surprise and a treat when you see them around the nest or actually on the nest!

You are observing their behaviour live and real.  As I said before, there is no script that we can or could write.  The loons write their own script minute by minute.  And we are just observers to this wonderful drama.  We are their audience awaiting "opening night"! 

As someone said last year, 'this is the ULTIMATE reality show'!!!