Friday, June 4, 2010 9:12pm CDT


59 degrees   Stunning Sunset   Calm


What a peaceful and quiet end to an amazingly eventful day!

When the morning started, who could have predicted all we have seen and been through today?

Right this minute marks the 28 day mark that the second egg was laid.

Was this the egg that ended up in the lake this morning or was it the 'first egg'?  I have heard of eggs being accidentally kicked out of a nest but this is the first time I have ever seen it happen.

But now, the loon is sitting peacefully on the nest.  The sun has set and painted the northwestern sky with golds and pinks and oranges and purples.  All of it reflected in a lake with hardly a ripple on much of it.  The infrared has turned on and soon the color will turn off for the night.  But if you were unaware of all that had gone on today, you would say that this is perfection!

I read through some of the chat room posts especially about the calling and splashing around 9 to 10 am.

I did not see what happened.  So I cannot explain what was going on.

I wish I had seen it to be able to explain it first hand to you.  A neighbor said that it was about that time that a third loon came in and swam with the other two.  Her description was that they were just 'playing' together and that she thought that was so unusual.  She did not observe any penguin dance or any yodeling.

She said that even after the 3rd loon left, the other two stayed near the nest and "played" for a number of minutes before one of them got back up on the nest.  She said that it did not seem like there was any urgency to get back on the nest.

We talked about the differences in behaviour that we have seen this year compared to other years and wondered if this was the same pair of loons.  So many questions and unknowns!

I wish I would have seen those 50 minutes that they were off the nest to give you a more complete report on what was going on.  But that is what I have been told so far.

I have not been able to read through all your wonderful documenting of all the events of the day since I came home.  But I will try to catch up with all that happened.  Once again, all of you are amazing!  Who could ever predict what a 'family feeling' would develop in this way!  Thank you for all your concern about what is happening to 'the most famous loons in the world' and for being part of it.  Thank you for getting your kids and your grandkids excited about nature and especially about these amazing loons.  Tell as many people as you know to join you in this odyssey.

And so the vigil continues.

Oh how we hope to see two little loon chicks very soon!!!