Monday, March 28, 2011 10:32pm CDT


22 degrees  Clear  Wind calm


The last several days here at the lake have been cool but with spectacular blue skies and lots of sunshine.  But it has been cold.

There is still no sign of the ice on the lake melting.

And until that happens, we will not see our loons.  As of now, the ground is white with at least a foot or more of snow cover and the ice on the lake is solid up to the shoreline.

It has remained unseasonably cold here for the last week or more but the forecast is that we may reach the 50's by this weekend.  About where it should be this time of year.

The crocuses along a south wall have peeked out from under the snow for the second time but still have not bloomed.  Rhubarb nubs are also beginning to peek up from the soil underneath the snow cover.

So the signs of spring are there.  But they are struggling mightily to make themselves known here in the north.

But further south, the signs become more unmistakable.

The second of our satellite transmitter loons has now begun his northward trek!

Loon #55484 from the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage in Wisconsin is now on his way north.

On Saturday, March 26 he flew from the Gulf of Mexico to Weiss Lake, Alabama.  Interestingly that is the same lake that our Sagatagan Lake male first flew to when he left the Gulf.  Then loon #55484 flew to Fall Creek Falls Lake  near Pikeville, Tennessee  today.

Who knows how many thousands of other loons are now making their way north to take up residence on their favorite lake and to enrich our lives with their beauty and their magical calls.

I think we are now on the verge of the major part of the loon migration beginning.

Stay tuned.

Things change rapidly now.  You don't want to miss a day as the wonder of life unfolds all around us.