Sunday, May 1, 2011 7:45am CDT

30 degrees   Cloudy  Wind 15mph NW
On a chilly and cloudy first of May, we wait.
Just when we think that behaviors of the loon indicate that we are very close to egg laying ..... well, we are shown how little we are in control of anything that happens.
We can wish it.  We can think it.
But the loons are in control of when or if eggs are laid.  And one has to wonder how much even they are in control of it.  Or how much of what happens just happens.
So once again, we are left to wonder.
Will this be the day that the first egg is laid?
What is happening inside the female loon that we can only think and wonder about?
All the signs continue to be positive and say that the pair of loons definitely are giving all the signs that they will once again this year lays eggs and hopefully successfully raise a new generation of loons.  But it is completely out of our control.
We can only pull up a chair and sit back, relax and be witnesses to the miracles about to unfold before our very eyes!