Monday, May 2, 2011 1:49pm CDT


37 degrees   Cloudy   Wind 9mph NW


On a cold windy cloudy [non-spring] day the wait of the faithful continues.

Today has brought rain, snow flurries and even a little hail.

The loons visit the nest with increasing frequency.  Today we have once again even had a mating.

Each visit brings increased hope.  But each time she gets off the nest, hope diminishes.

One of these times will be "the time".

When it happens, it will probably happen with relatively great speed.

Watch for her to sort of 'climb up' the side of the nest.  You will see body movements as if there is something going on deep inside.  Which there is.  A huge egg is making its way through her body.

She will probably slightly spread her wings to steady herself.

The end of the egg will appear for a short time.  And then all of a sudden, in one quick, smooth motion the egg will 'pop out'.

At that point she will probably stay on the nest for a short time while she recovers from the extreme effort of laying such a big egg and then she will probably go into the water.

As I write this, she is once again on the nest.  Will this be the time?  Or is this just yet one more "visit"?