Memorial Day, May 31, 2011 5:32am CDT

60 degrees  Rain and Thunderstorms  Wind 7mph E
Is it possible?!
Could this be THE day?
Is there a hole in one of the eggs?!!
There have been a couple of heavy thunderstorm cells that have moved through during the night.  But there has been no high winds or hail for our loons.  Just heavy rain.
Amazingly, the loon on the nest sat through both storms with her bill tucked under her wing, seemingly unconcerned.
But a few minutes ago, the loon got off the nest and joined the mate who was swimming closeby.
It may be hopeful thinking on my part, but it sure looks like there is a hole in one of the eggs!
Could this be the first chick trying to break out into a whole new world?
Hope rises and it springs eternal.
I try to not get hopes up too much or over nothing.  But it sure looks like a hole.  Or could it just be 'nest debris'?
For almost the last hour there has been 'chirping' which I had just attributed to the chorus of morning bird songs.  But now I am beginning to wonder.  Although I thought is sounded different than most bird songs  .... it was more a a chirping than the normal bird 'songs' .... I really did not give second thought to it at the time.
Now that I think I see a hole in the egg, I begin to wonder if it is chirping of a chick and not the normal morning birds.  It stops for a little bit.  And then it starts again.  Same volume.  Sort of indicating the same location.
It is hard not to worry seeing something that is not there and about getting up false hopes.
But could it be?!
Watch for some of the tell tale movements of the loon over the next few hours when it gets back on the eggs.  The flinches, the wing movements and all the other signs.
The rain starts again and the loon immediately gets up on the nest and rolls the eggs.  The 'hole' rolls with the egg and does not fall off.  It could still be something just stuck to the egg, but it makes me wonder even more if it is a hole.
Only time will tell!
But time passes so frustratingly slow when you are waiting for answers to earth shaking questions like this!
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