Monday, May 30, 2011 1:22pm CDT


80 degrees  Cloudy   Wind 8mph SE


The thunderstorms that came through this morning brought a whole new weather system in with them.

Right now it is 80 degrees.  That isn't so bad.  But there is also 80% humidity along with it which gives a tropical 73 degree dew point.  The high temperatures and humidity will probably set up thunderstorms which are predicted for later this evening.

We have just had a nest exchange for the loons.

I watched carefully to see if I could see what looked like a hole in one of the eggs that I saw this morning.  If it is there, I could not see it.  There is still a very real chance that it was just something stuck to the egg and not actually a hole this morning.

There have not been the characteristic 'twitching' and 'flinching' of the loon if there is a chick trying to get out of the egg.

So I am still very much torn betwixt and between as to whether the hatch has started or not.

There is one part of me that wants it to be so.

There is another part that says just go by the signs and what is actually there and verifiable.  And right now the two views are fighting each other.

The nest exchange was so quick that it could still very well be that the 'hole' in the egg was hidden on the side of the egg away from the camera.  Or it could be that whatever was stuck to the egg fell off.

We can only continue to watch and wait.  And hope.

If the eggs are going to hatch, we are getting very close to the time that should begin to happen.

So one part of me continues to believe there is a hole in the side of the egg and that I heard chirping early this morning.

But realism demands that I wait.  

No matter how hard that is to do.


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