12:59pm Thursday, April 5, 2012

54 Degrees F   Sunny   Wind 3mph East
I just got a call from the good folks at BroadbandMN.
They are on their way here right now to do some more work on the camera and getting things ready to go.  They have had to replace all the cables and do a lot of other work.
We still have quite a way to go so the camera will not be online immediately.  But I wanted you to know what was happening.
When I have been home (which is not much lately), I have not seen the loons up around the nest at all.  So you are not missing anything.  Although the neighbors have said that they have seen a pair swimming in the general area several times.
I  still have some more work to do on the nest itself as well, when all the other cabling is done.
We are getting closer!
Stay patient.
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