11:06 am Monday, April 2, 2012

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Thank you to all of you who attended the sessions at the National Eagle Center yesterday.
Thank you also to the good folks at the National Eagle Center for the invitation to speak about our beloved loons.  Thank you especially to Scott Mehus, Bridget Befort and Bucky.
It was so good to meet some of you.
As I promised you, here is the address for the USGS website that gives the current location of the 20 loons that they implanted with satellite transmitters last summer.
Even though a number of loons are already in the North Country, over half of the loons in the USGS group were still on the Gulf of Mexico as of last Friday.  I think we will see a lot of them having taken off to fly north by the time they update the page again.
If you have not looked at this USGS page before, be sure to click on the "All Migrations Summary" link in the center of the page.
You will see the location of all 20 loons beginning last summer.
As it plays, you will see the loons as they begin their flights south last fall and it will show you where the loons spent the winter.  Then you will see the dots representing each loon start to move north as they begin their migration.
I think you will find it very fascinating and informative as you watch the movement of the loons for the last 7 months.
Check it out.
I will also give you an update on preparations for the LoonCam as soon as there is something new to tell you.  There have been loons on the lake.  Whether they are "our loons" or just other loons that are passing through, only time will tell.
Until then, we will wait with anticipation until we can see our loons once again.
Comments or Questions?   LoonCam@yahoo.com