Sunday, May 27, 2012 5:58am CDT


60 degrees    Cloudy    Wind  1mph E

Sunrise  5:31am     Sunset  8:39pm


The loon sits quietly this morning on the nest.  Ever alert.  Always looking around.  Aware of any danger.

The lake is quiet this morning, too.  Just a small breeze stirs the surface of the lake.

Clouds mask the rising sun.

But that sun will have its way today.  The temperatures are forecast to rise to 90 degrees or above.  But for now it is very comfortable for both man and loon.

You can expect to see the loon panting a lot today - sitting with its beak open.  It is much like a dog panting on a hot day.  A way to get rid of excess heat.  Loons are not made to sit on land in the hot sun.  They are made to be in the cooling water where they can dive whenever they want.  But they sacrifice all of that comfort to incubate and protect their eggs.

The lake level is at very high levels which puts the nest at risk from large waves or wakes from boats.  Today it should be somewhat protected from the wind.  But with the high temperatures on a holiday weekend, there probably will be many waves from boats.  Hopefully they will not be too large or too close.

Today in the sunshine look for one other thing about the loons.

We think that a loon is a simple black and white.

But their coloring is much more complex than that.  And in just the right light you can see the subtle effects.

Their head is overlaid with an iridescent green to in just the right light just glows.

Also the collar around their neck is not a simple black.  In the right light, it can be a bright turquoise green.  It is hard to believe when you see it, but it changes from a basic black to a very bright green.  At other times that same collar can be a deep, rich and sparkling blue.

Today if on this hot summer day the sun shines just right on the loons, look for those amazing color variations.

As if the formal black and white that the loons usually aware were not elegant enough, they dress it up with emerald necklaces and beautiful deep green hats.

How much more beauty can the loons add to our lives?

Today look at something else.  This illustrates how difficult it is to judge distance and perspective on the LoonCam view of the nest.  Remember that from the camera to the far corner of the nest is well over 5 feet.  The iris in the foreground that the loons literally pulled out by the roots is doing its best to put down roots where they planted it and is even sending up flower buds.

This iris looks so much bigger than the iris on the far edge of the floating platform.  In reality, the iris on the far edge are well over twice as big as the struggling iris in the foreground.  That is hard to believe because the iris in the foreground looks at least as big or even bigger than the other irises.  But because of perspective and distance, looks can be so deceiving.

The iris on the far edge are at the verge of bloom.  Unfortunately the flower stalks rise up just beyond the view of the camera.  But their yellow buds will probably burst into full bloom today.

Beauty all around us.

If only we will take the time to stop and look and enjoy and to smell the roses.  And be grateful for all the beauty that is put into our lives.


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