Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2012 4:44am CDT

66 degrees F     Rain    Wind Calm
Sunrise  5:30am     Sunset  8:50pm
With another couple inches of rain overnight and more possibly on the way, I have reluctantly made the decision that I may have to go out to the nest and lengthen the anchor rope.
I will wait until it is light enough to see in order to more fully evaluate the situation.
But with even more rain overnight to add to such high water already, I have to believe that the nest is about at its limit right now.  Fortunately there has not been any wind or waves overnight.  So that is a plus.
I know the loons are not going to be happy with me going out there.  And I am not going to be happy to have to do it.  But unless daylight surprises me, I am not sure I am left with any other choices.  I already have a section of rope ready to go here.  And that will hopefully minimize the amount of time that I have to spend at the nest.  I only hope that the loons do not misunderstand my intentions and see fit to attack me.
Of all times for the server for the cam to go down, I have no way of seeing with the night vision what things are like on the nest this morning either.
So I will wait until dawn light gives me enough to see by and then I will make a decision of what needs to be done.
But I would be very surprised (and relieved) if I do not have to go out there.
If any of you in other parts of the country or the world need rain, give me your address and I would be happy to send you all that you want!
I will give you a full report later this morning.