Sunday, May 27, 2012 9:53pm CDT

We have had some intense storms moving throught the region once again tonight.
Apparently the storms have knocked out the server for the LoonCam.
I have been on the phone with BroadBand and together we have tried several different things.  But nothing has worked to bring the LoonCam back up.
Unfortunately, if it is the server, I am not sure how much can be done quickly on a holiday weekend.
I will be talking to them again tomorrow to see what if anything more can be done.
I am so sorry that this has happened.
I appreciate your understanding.  Some things are just out of everyone's hands.  And Mother Nature is way more powerful than all of us put together. 
The good thing is that we are not on the verge of the eggs hatching and won't be for several days.  The bad thing is that you are missing anything at all.
It is too dark for even me to see how the loon is doing.  But shortly after the LoonCam went down, at the height of the storm s/he was sitting firmly on the nest and seemingly doing fine.
I or Broadband will try to keep you up to date.
But for now, it looks like the LoonCam is down at least for the night.  Maybe we all can finally get some sleep!
God Bless!