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The important things first.

The chick is doing well and is active and healthy and growing.

However, he still continues to return to the nest and get up on the nest.

He is up on the nest right now and has been for the last several minutes.  One of the adults finally just got up on the nest with him.  Maybe out of frustration that he won't get off the nest.

The chick definitely is the one who likes to get up on the nest.  The adults seem to take their cue from the chick and finally they will get up on the nest when the chick does not get off.  It is unusual behavior to say the least.  

But it is one more window into the world of loons and is a chance for us to learn.

The chick is spending more and more time away from the nest.  In fact, the majority of the time by far is spent away from the nest.  

But when they come swimming by the nest, he seems to love to jump up on the nest and sit there and survey his kingdom.

Along with you, I miss the cam being live and being able to see what he does when he is on the nest.  From what I can see, he sits and rests, he preens and he moves around the nest.  Then eventually he jumps into the water and swims off with the parents.

I am hoping that BroadBand will be able to make it out today to look at what the damage is to the equipment from the thunderstorm on Sunday.  I am not sure what they will find but I am not hopeful that the LoonCam will be up again this year.  It may be that Mother Nature decided to shut it down for the year.

My plans right now are to leave the nesting platform in place through this Sunday.  That will be the chick's 2 week birthday.

I will probably then take it in to shore but still leave it in the water in case there is some 'need' for the chick to get on the nest.  As active as he is, I think it has just become a habit for him more than anything else.  But this behavior is so new to all of us that it is hard to tell what it means.

Whether the LoonCam comes back online for the season or not, I will try to periodically keep you up to date on what is happening with our loon family.

Today the forecast is for more thunderstorms to move through the area.  Some of them could be severe.  I for one have had enough of thunderstorms and rain.  But they are necessary parts of life too and are what makes Minnesota so green.  One more thing that we take for granted.

But for now just be reassured that our little loon chick is doing fine.


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