Monday, May 27, 2013 11:22pm CDT

57 degrees     Cloudy     Wind 7mph SE
Sunrise  5:31am CDT     Sunset  8:49pm CDT
This weekend has been unusually quiet on the lake for a Memorial Day weekend. 
Normally the lake would be a beehive of activity.
But this year, like the entire spring, the weekend was cold and wet and uncomfortable.  So there was no one in swimming.  There was no one out waterskiing.  There were few pleasure boaters.  All that were out there were fisherman.  And they were very quiet and fewer than normal.
So for the loons on the lake, it was a much quieter than normal summer weekend.  But that did not do much to change their behavior.
There was a report and pictures of one of them being on the nest early this morning.  But the other loon did not get up on the nest.  And there was no nest building activity.  Normally there is some nest building activity by one or both loons before there is any mating activity.
But then the rest of the day, the loons were no where to be seen until tonight.
Tonight a pair of loons came to the general area of the nest about 7:30pm but did not even come close to the nest nor did they get up on the nest.  They stayed for a little while before swimming off together.
So the behavior is puzzling and shows no urgency to nest and mate and lay eggs.
I don't have good explanations for all of this, especially in light of the fact that numerous other loons in the area have been on nest for almost two weeks now.
But we will give it another day or so to see what happens.
This is a year for the history books for sure.
Copyright 2013     Larry R Backlund